Liverpool Food and Drink Festival

So Expat Gourmet is now expat twice over. It is a sad irony that I turned down a swanky job in Prague because I didn’t want to move – and then had to move for work somewhere much less flash than Prague. I refused to move to Runcorn, where my office is located – if you Google it you will find out why. So here I am, in Liverpool. I hate change, and kept fretting over the move for weeks. When it finally came, it was a lucky coincidence that the Liverpool Food Festival should start on the same weekend. This was just what I needed – something amazing to happen right at the beginning of my life in a new place to balance out the stress and dry the tears. And there was tears. But there was also delicious food and full tummies.

This needs saying: Liverpool Food Festival absolutely blows Sheffield Food Festival out of the water. The event took place in a massive area in Sefton Park, and pretty much every restaurant in Liverpool jumped at the chance to showcase their food – exactly what should have happened in Sheffield and didn’t. To be fair, Liverpool restaurant scene is a completely different animal – but even if there were not such a large number of participants, restaurateurs still approached the festival like an amazing opportunity to get more punters through their doors. Shame on you Sheffield.

And so, on Sunday, Kim and Lily decided to see me off and we all drove to Liverpool to eat our weight in delicious local produce. I got the chance to meet the local Riverford veg man, who is no less lovely than Chris and Mary from Sheffield. I ate amazing fresh fried calamari, bought some locally produced, Vietnam grown coffee, pondered what pea wack, wet nellie and scouse might be and spent a rather large sum of money on olive oil. But, most importantly, I warmed to my new place of residence. So here are a few snaps from the gloriously sunny day.

Delicious and rather spicy pork dumplings.

This bad boy wins the best thing I’ve eaten in a long time award. A very simple idea, cleverly presented by the folks at Pickled Walnut. It is nothing but a fish pie, but look at it! Delicious haddock simmered in milk, served with a white sauce with caper berries and steamed leeks, with a puff pastry ‘biscuit’ on top. Hats off.

Best calamari I’ve had this side of Greece, courtesy of the Italian Club.

The French Corner’s stall made me want to eat bread again. Mmm…

And Heirloom Tomatoes stall inspired me to give tomato growing a bash next year. I have my eye on some of those yellow varieties.

Look at the size of those onions!!

Kiddie cookery workshops are such a good idea! The teeny chefs were having so much fun.

Sadly I forget whose stall this was but we bought some of these delicious Earl Grey cupcakes and they were heaven.

And, obviously, we spent a lot of time at this stall – of course we did, they had a toucan made of aubergine!

Yum yum yum. Can’t wait for next year…

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  1. boy says:

    woa, The food is delicious in Euro

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