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What on Earth Do I Do with a Pumpkin

Correct me if I’m wrong but an excess of pumpkin will be the bane of our lives for the next few weeks, at least those who have small children who positively demand a Jack o Lantern because next doors have … Continue reading

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The Sad Tale of the IKEA Flat Pack Gingerbread House

Sheffield, home of the house with the caterpillar hedge. Last weekend I finally committed to tear myself away from the prospects of another potentially amazing weekend in Liverpool to make the journey across the Pennines to see my friends for … Continue reading

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A Middle Eastern Feast

This is what happens when I am forced to eat out day in day out for a longer stretch of time – I overcompensate when I get the chance to cook again. Delicious as the food at the Malmaison was, … Continue reading

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The Malmaison: A Dark Place for Dark Deeds

Hello there, it’s been a while. I have been away for two weeks in Reading for work training (aka Indoctrination Camp). Once I just about manage to start feeling at home somewhere I am shipped off to the other end … Continue reading

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