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Flavour of Liverpool

Here’s the deal. I’m still slowly getting used to the idea of living in Liverpool. I’m taking my time, but then I’m not one for instant gratification. Even so, over time I found places I like, places that gradually make … Continue reading

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The Best Kind of a Club

The first rule of Pudding Club: you must always talk about Pudding Club. Every smallest event in life must be compared to something that took place at Pudding Club, little  allusions to Pudding Club must be inserted into the most … Continue reading

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Valparaiso, Liverpool

I’m sure I can’t be the only one who feels it’s such a breath of fresh air to eat at a restaurant that serves amazing foreign cuisine and isn’t a chain such as the likes of Las Iguanas. It needs … Continue reading

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Liverpool Food and Drink Festival

So Expat Gourmet is now expat twice over. It is a sad irony that I turned down a swanky job in Prague because I didn’t want to move – and then had to move for work somewhere much less flash … Continue reading

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