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Grilled Vegetables and Parma Ham Salad

I feel really sad. Happy at the same time, but sad nonetheless. My new job is keeping me busy – to a degree I have not known before. I am still not convinced full time work is for me – … Continue reading

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Monster Patties

Expat gourmet et famille have come back from their holiday to find these beasts in mum’s rogue veg patch. Amazing what veg gets up to in just 7 days during the summer – and there are the gigantic courgettes that … Continue reading

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A Week of Tomatoes – Roast Tomato, Chilli & Cumin Soup

So here we are, finally at the end of my epic trilogy. Having made tomato ketchup and sun dried tomatoes I really craved tomato soup as something full of tomatoey goodness that can be eaten immediately. Having been quite intimately … Continue reading

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A Week of Tomatoes – ‘Sun Dried’ Tomatoes

If you have read my previous post about ketchup, you know that I recently made a somewhat extravagant purchase of a 5kg crate of tomatoes. I have seen an immense return on my investment – it has brought me nothing … Continue reading

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A Week of Tomatoes – Home Made Ketchup

Don’t worry, I do realise that the idea of making ketchup from scratch will seem like unnecessary hassle to the vast majority of the world’s population. Why bother when you can buy Heinz and it comes in a neat squeezy … Continue reading

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